Success Stories


“About a month ago Duke had not been acting like himself, he wasn’t his normal rambunctious self and was extremely sad looking. We took Duke to Continental Ranch Pet Clinic where they found two socks and part of his favorite rubber ball lodged in his small intestines. Duke required immediate surgery. The cost was more than we were able to pay, as most vet bills are, and we were offered the option to apply for a grant from H.E.A.R.T. The bill was covered except for the portion we were able to pay and it took the financial stress out of an already stressful situation. Duke later needed to be hospitalized at the specialty hospital which was a cost out of our pocket. Had we not been able to receive funding for the surgery there would have been no way we could have paid for the hospitalization and Duke likely wouldn’t have made it through the night. We are so deeply grateful for H.E.A.R.T. because without them Duke wouldn’t be with us today. As you can see from the picture Duke has a history of tearing everything up and being really proud of it so naturally he would be a pup that would eat socks and we are so grateful for financial help when this rascal does what he does best, causing mischief. Thank you H.E.A.R.T team!”

Cordero, Erica, and Duke

Sweet Pea

“My husband, our one-year-old orange and white, male kitty, named Sweet Pea and I are all very thankful for Heart Southwest’s financial assistance to help cover the cost of an expensive second pallet repair surgery after the first surgery had not been entirely successful.  My family and I adopted Sweet Pea in January 2020 and found out not too long into him being our amazing, quirky, loving cat, that Sweet Pea had health quirks, too, including a cleft pallet.  In simple terms, Sweet Pea was born with a defect, or a large hole in his throat that was a pathway for any kind of food, water or even and other unwanted particulates to go into places none of it should have been, irritating our cat’s entire upper respiratory system.  My husband and I cannot believe that Heart Southwest graciously came to Sweet Pea’s rescue and paid for his entire dental surgery through a grant!  Currently, Sweet Pea is healing up amazingly, and thanks to Heart Southwest, we all feel so blessed and relieved to know that Pea’s life will not be one of constant sickness any longer.  Our boy is so happy too!  Thank you, Heart Southwest!”

Stephanie & Justin

Bruce Wayne

“Bruce Wayne is like a brand new dog but the next five days are crucial for intestinal leaks so no playing or jumping so in lack of better words no being a corgi :). Even though he’s trying so hard. You have no idea how much joy you have brought to our family and we can’t repay you enough. We hope one day you get to meet our Batman because you guys saved his life. Please update with a payment plan or volunteer info when you can and I will let you know what type of payment schedule we can get on. If only you took corgi kisses for payment jk 🙂 because he is full of them.”



“This is Odie. We are not too sure how this happened, but she had a trauma to the eye that quickly got infected and became life threatening. The emergency office told us if she did not have surgery within a few days to remove it, the infection would move to her bloodstream and there would be nothing they could do to help. Thank you H.E.A.R.T. foundation for helping with this emergency procedure, it saved her life!!!”


“Piggy was used for her puppy making abilities only, she was the victim of a backyard c-section and horribly neglected! Dr Brown took on this baby and after a month on antibiotics for severe skin infection and abscesses in both ears she was in surgery! She had a hernia, we think because of the c- section and she was spayed. This surgery was difficult and long but Dr Brown powered through! He literally saved this girl! I am indebted to all he did for her! Thank you.”


My fur baby had been sick this week. On Thursday he seemed to be getting better. But Friday February 3 he went down hill. I was very upset and unsure what to do. I live on SS so funds are limited. I remember reading about HEART on a pet website, so decided to call. I believe her name was Stephanie and she was so helpful and caring. She even set us up to be seen by Valley Veterinary Hospital. My baby passed as my granddaughters and I drove him to the hospital.

I want to thank you for all you do for others. We had gotten Bud from PACC in 2012. He and my husband were inseparable. My husband passed in 2016 and Bud and I bonded through the grief. He was an important part of my life and everyone who met him loved him.


Luna was very sick from a uterine infection… I called around from vet to vet, even applied to paccs grant program to help pay for her vet. HEART was able to find me a vet to take her to and had the appointment scheduled within 2 days after applying for their grant for veterinary assistance. I am so grateful for them! They saved my cat’s life.